Karen offers a high quality cost effective alternative to both health authorities and GPs. Each session involves individuals being weighed and taking part in an interactive workshop which allows participants to learn about the food they eat, the reasons they make certain choices, and how to change their behaviour. This is then followed by an exercise session, which is modified to suit individual needs. Karen clearly focuses on initiating permanent lifestyle changes over an initial three-month period, with an expected weight loss of ½ – 1 kg per week.


Karen guarantees that, provided you follow our advice, over the 12 weeks you will lose a minimum of 14lbs and at least 6” overall from your bust, waist & hips. Always looking for new options to support weight management, Karen is pleased to offer healthy weight loss meal plans. These tasty, healthy meals have been specially developed by doctors for fast, healthy weight loss. Meal plans can be purchased at classes or on-line. This suit yourself weight loss programme has a choice of 3 options to help you lose weight safely and effectively:

Option 1: Portion and calorie controlled diet

  • Easy to follow guidelines

  • Realistic targets

  • Expert guidance

Option 2: The meal replacement plan

  • No shopping

  • No calorie counting

  • No cooking

  • Full range of low calorie controlled shakes, soups, bars and meals

Option 3: The combination plan

To meet your lifestyle and nutritional requirements a blend of options 1& 2

Selecting the right plan for you can be challenging, this is where loosing weight with Karen will makes all the difference. During your consultation Karen will personally prescribe the right diet for you.