"A big thanks to Karen for all her support as I prepared for the marathon. I've grown in confidence and wouldn't have been able to do it without her. Thank you for your availability, encouragement and for always staying with me once our session was over to chat things through. I couldn't have done it without you!"

-Ellie (23, London Marathon entrant)

“I started a twelve week training programme with Karen in October. Karen was always encouraging, and able to keep me going.  She was extremely knowledgeable and I never felt threatened and always at ease. My husband and I used to rock climb, but after children these activities stopped and I quickly lost fitness and muscle strength. After working with Karen I was delighted to start rock climbing and long distance hiking again, something I haven’t done for over three years. The programme was excellent. Without Karen’s encouragement I probably wouldn’t have persevered. I’ve signed up for more sessions, and want to say a big thank you to her.”

-Kate (30, Private PT Sessions/Weight Management Programme)

“It is easy to carry on doing what you’ve always done, whilst accepting your weight is a problem requiring action does take some courage. If you are concerned about your weight I would strongly recommend making a commitment to yourself to join the course. I have enjoyed the course, which I have found good fun and very easy to stick to and I am delighted to have lost 29lbs in 11 weeks. No foods are out of bounds and you can vary your diet within your calorie target.”

-Nick (45, Weight Management Programme)

""Karen's classes are fantastic! It is clear she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in what she does. I've trained and experienced fitness classes throughout the West Country and in London where I worked for 8 years. Karen's classes are among the best I've ever done and she is clearly a superior instructor to most in her field. Thank you for the excitement, challenge and diversity you bring to each class!" 

-Molly (29, Exercise Classes)

"I can't imagine I would have achieved my fitness goals without Karen! Thanks to her dedication, motivation and sheer love of what she does I was able to reduce my body fat to 18%, whilst improving my strength and core ability. Karen was able to help implement a training and diet programme that not only worked for my lifestyle, but my budget too. There are many PTs out there, but only a few that truly excel at what they do, Karen is one of those!"

-James (24, Private PT Sessions)