With extensive expertise with in the fitness industry over the past
twenty years, Karen has something to offer the individual, local authorities and businesses:​

  • Injury & Rehabilitation – supporting recovery from illness or injury for improved well-being and fitness.

  • Elite – specialised, personalised  training for the elite sports individuals or teams.

  • Life Style Coaching –  achieving a personal goal or enabling
    you to make the positive, physical changes, enabling you to
    improve your fitness and well-being.

  • Weight Management – address the way in which you approach losing and sustaining a healthy weight.  A combination of motivational talks, weight monitoring and exercise all within a friendly weekly programme.

You will receive a programme tailored to meet your specific goals and fitness levels. Feel motivated and energised. Improve your confidence and be given in-depth introductions to new exercise, with guidance on techniques and analysis. Through Karens carefully
laid out programme each client has the opportunity to learn about related aspects of a healthier lifestyle such as the relationship between posture, stress and energy levels. In addition to this, an understanding of how exercise can help reduce the risk of illness and disease with guidance on rehabilitation and injury management is at the forefront of Karens theory of training.