Karen has run GP Referral Programmes throughout Cornwall for a number of year, the scheme came about as many people with health concerns are unsure about what physical activity they can do safely. The scheme provides the opportunity for someone to receive advice and support from a specialist and advance Health and Fitness Team, run by Karen herself.


The Scheme is run from the Penzance Leisure Centre with sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1.00-2.30pm. The sixth month programme is divided into three eight week segments of physical activity. Following an initial assessment and baseline health check an agreed individual programme of physical activity sessions is set for each client. The programme includes the use of the gym and the swimming pool during the general open sessions (check the opening times with the leisure centre). You will be encouraged to use the facilities and start exercising on your own, with friends or family, as well as attending the set supervised sessions.


If you are currently seeing a Health Professional (GP, nurse, physiotherapist) they will be able to determine if you are eligible for the scheme.  If the Health Professional is unaware of the scheme, contact Penzance Leisure Centre who will forward you the appropriate referral form. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Karen directly.