Weight Management Programme


Karen  Lost  32lbs   & 12″

 Nick  Lost   29lbs  & 11.5″

Joan Lost   25lbs  & 15″

Linda Lost 16.5lbs

Pat  Lost 16lbs

Ross Lost 15lbs  & 8″

Liza  Lost 15lbs

Ann Lost 15lbs

“I have found the weight loss programme very motivational and have (almost) achieved my goals I set myself combined with the regular exercise programme I now attend. I expect my weight loss to be maintained in the future.”

“Karen’s encouragement and enthusiasm are much appreciated. The regular support in efforts to lose weight and get fitter is essential. Have already signed up for next course! Thank you! Also enjoying the running club.”

“Healthy eating group – great motivation – friendly staff – supportive club. The talks are a really good motivator. Karen seems to have a good mix of banter, info, serious talk – just right.”

“Karen’s weight loss programme – excellent content – good subjects and speakers. Sensible calorie counting V exercise calorie expenditure.”
Alison & Andrew

“Karen is always helpful and approachable. The weight loss club is excellent.”

“Weight loss is steady and I really am sticking to the calories I should have. Sessions really help you to believe in yourself and therefore motivate you more. Look forward to more weight loss for Christmas.”

“Diet Club – very helpful, enjoyable and informative. Good humour and light-hearted, but stressing the importance of good health and fitness. Karen and team are very understanding.”

“After 2 babies quite close together I was finding it difficult to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so I decided to give the healthy eating /weight loss programme a try. I have never dieted before and found the motivation of being weighed each week really helpful. After calorie counting very carefully for the first four weeks I found that most meals were ‘repeats’ so I didn’t have tot keep counting calories in so much detail. I expected to have a ‘diet sheet’ with suggested meals but am very glad we didn’t have that. The programme makes you look at how you normally eat in everyday life and it quite quickly becomes obvious where you can cut calories easily (and where you’re not prepared to cut calories i.e. my evening glass of wine after kids have gone to bed!), this way you find an eating pattern that suits you which hopefully will be sensible beyond the programme. I have found the talks each week interesting and often find there are one or two points that really mean something to me and help me remain motivated.”

“Enjoyed the guest speakers, Karen made the evenings enjoyable, kept me motivated and focused. We all know what we should be doing but sadly we need the motivation.”

“Brilliant classes, excellent advice, really different outlook. Karen is ‘normal’ and down to earth, very approachable even if she is lovely and slim!”

“It is easy to carry on doing what you’ve always done, whilst accepting your weight is a problem requiring action does take some courage. If you are concerned about your weight I would strongly recommend making a commitment to yourself to join the course. I have enjoyed the course, which I have found good fun and very easy to stick to and I am delighted to have lost 29lbs in 11 weeks. No foods are out of bounds and you can vary your diet within your calorie target.”