Life coaching, motivation, progress tracking and nutritional advice from Karen will be the driving force behind your training to take you to the next level.



“I’d been a member of the gym for about three years, I’d go for about a month or two before my motivation left me and I wouldn’t go in there for another nine months. TV was much for interesting, and when I went to the gym, I wasn’t feeling I was making much progress.

And then my partner goes and runs a triathlon! As soon as she crossed the finish line I knew I had to do it next year.

I decided the only hope I had was to get a personal trainer.

Karen was excellent – she tracked my progress, gave me a varied work out to stop me getting bored and I knew she was there waiting for me at the gym – so I had to go! My motivation increased and I felt fit.

In June (six months later) I ran the triathlon – in a lot less time that I could have hoped for! I was really surprised by how far I could physically push myself.

Now I’m preparing for my next triathlon and perhaps even a half Marathon – all with Karen’s help.”

“I was pretty sceptical about paying extra money for a Personal Trainer, but it has been worth every penny.

I really enjoy running and had recently taken part in the Bristol half marathon, but experienced pain behind my knees after it. After a few personal training sessions the pain had cleared up due to the stretches I was taught, which I now routinely do.

My overall strength has improved and I spend less time in the gym
Keep up the good work. It was a pleasure ‘doing business’ with you and I will be back for an MOT to make sure I’m still doing things properly”